Digital Strategy & Execution

Implementing Digital Transformation

Implementing Digital Transformation

Highberg implements the Digital Transformation in co-creation with your organization.

Highberg helps organizations realize the value, objectives and benefits that have been defined in the digital strategy and sourcing strategy. We help make an impact by deploying our highly experienced portfolio-, program-, project-, and communications managers. Our professionals are skilled in various methods and frameworks, such as SAFe, Agile Program Management (Agile PGM), Managing Successful Programmes (MSP), Risk Management, Benefits Management, Stakeholder Management, and the organization of strategic (program) communication.

Ed van Doorn
Ed van Doorn

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Achieving goals

We always keep the organizational context in mind, because the goals and way-of-working differ for each organization. Highberg delivers the projected results of your Digital Transformation. We continuously measure the realization of the benefits, guard the change capacity of you organization and adjust the businesscase based on actuals, to guarantee the success of the implementation. Highberg professionals also help organizations increase the realisation of the results of your projects and programs in our role as an 'independent critical conscience'. With this instrument we review complex ICT projects based on our practical knowledge and experience and provide an overview of the key risks and mitigating measures to eliminate or reduce these risks. In doing so, we ensure the realization of your successful Digital Transformation and create a societal impact.


Podcast Successful Transformation

A podcast series in which VKA consultants and guests share their experiences with digital transformation. For example, Joeri Olierook discusses the success and failure factors in executing Digital Transformation with various experts.

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