Value-driven portfolio management

Managing for value ensures maximum contribution to an organization's strategic objectives.

Successful organizations continuously adapt their services to changing customer demands and expectations. And with the new opportunities in our digitizing society, these are increasing daily. Portfolio management enables an organization to respond and anticipate this quickly and flexibly, by facilitating timely decision-making on the necessary adjustments, given the available resources and financial means. This prevents that at the end of the year far fewer and different initiatives or products are realized than previously agreed upon.

Sander Spanjaard
Sander Spanjaard

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Realizing support

Setting up and implementing portfolio management in a professional manner requires broad support within an organization. It is a management tool that touches the essence of the organization because it enables the organization's goal to be realized. Portfolio management is about making choices and especially about learning to say no to those products and services that do not contribute or contribute too little to the goal of the organization. These are the moments when support is tested the most.

Proven approach

By focusing our implementation method on maintaining and further building support within an organization, we ensure a successful implementation.

Characteristics of our method are:

  • Focused on people and their mutual interaction;
  • Processes as simple as possible;
  • Transparent governance and decision-making;
  • Step-by-step implementation;
  • Results as quickly as possible, starting with urgent problems;
  • Align with existing governance and processes;
  • Targeted communication.

Highberg consultants have accumulated extensive experience in various projects in setting up portfolio management processes and governance. Our approach focuses not only on the result, but also on the challenge of achieving this together with our clients. Together we want to create a good basis in which our client recognizes itself and in which Highberg has transferred the knowledge and skills so that our client can continue independently.


A Highberg Case study

Positive impact when implementing Lean/Agile portfolio management made clear

How do I communicate in an approachable, concrete and fun way why does Agile also further professionalize our way of working outside of IT and/or teams?

With this question Highberg (previously VKA) went to work with the Education Executive Agency (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, hereafter: DUO)

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