Independent Critical Conscience (ICC)

Achieve your goals by employing an Independent Critical Conscience

Your project is running fine, right? All the reports are green, yet something is gnawing at you.... 

Developments in the field of digital transformation are rapid and complex. The success of your project is important for your users and the success of your organization within a changing society. 

Your project is well designed in close cooperation with the business in accordance with all existing best practices. The direction of your ICT is guaranteed with maximum chance of success. 

Joeri Olierook
Joeri Olierook

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Isn't my project a watermelon: green on the outside but red on the inside?

If something is nevertheless (dormant) tickling you, it is clear that something must be done about it. But if that's not the case right now, then what? How can you be so sure that it's right and that it's right? Isn't my project a watermelon: green on the outside but red on the inside? 

Are you getting socially desired answers from the organization? Rationally it is correct but is it also correct with your feelings? Do you recognize in your organization soothing answers such as: "it will be alright", "everything is under control", "it is only a little bit of work".

A Highberg Case study

Waar loopt de grens tussen uw tuin en die van uw buurman? En welk vastgoed is van wie?

Cadastre on Track

Where is the boundary between your garden and that of your neighbor? And which real estate belongs to whom? The Land Registry registers who has what rights for all real estate (land and buildings) in the Netherlands. This legal task and data are available to everyone and the data helps private individuals, companies and (semi) government organizations in making important choices. The Land Registry has recently successfully completed a renewal of its Cadastral Basic Registration. Highberg advised on this project with her method for making strategic projects with IT succeed.

What do we mean by Independent Critical Conscience?


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A podcast series on success and failure factors in digital transformation. Joeri Olierook discusses with various experts the 9 risk areas used by the ICT Assessment Advisory Board when assessing the success rate of a project.

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