Strategic project realization

Programs as drivers of change in your organization!

Organizations need to keep moving continuously to adapt to changing environments. As VKA programme and project managers, we provide the building blocks with which our clients build a safer, healthier, more effective and social society. Our mission is to help clients achieve their strategic objectives by successfully realising strategic projects.The people in the organization ultimately realise the intended change themselves.

In our vision, it is the people themselves who realise the change in an organization. Our focus in programmes or projects is therefore mainly on cooperation and communication (see also Strategic communication).

Ed van Doorn
Ed van Doorn

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The digitization of trains

We asked Highberg (formerly VKA) to carry out the project management of this program. From the original idea to reality on a train is a long road with lots of great work, hopscotch jumps, tenacity, explanations, sweat and sometimes tears.

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Action plans and schedules provide the structure; intuition, empathy and persuasiveness provide the success.

By combining all this, our programme managers are the driving force behind large-scale changes in your organization. However, they never lose sight of the benefits in the process. Indeed, as an independent agency, we are in a position to be blunt sometimes when the situation calls for it. We do not hesitate to tackle matters pragmatically and make problems and risks directly negotiable. Because we believe transparency, reliability and predictability are very important, both for the success of a change and the functioning of an organization.


A Highberg case study

Digitalization of Nuffic's Operations

The digitization for internationalization of education.

Highberg (formerly VKA) was asked for the role of program manager for the management and realization of digitalization. As sparring partner and pleasant cooperation between client Anton Biemans, Ed van Doorn set up the program.

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