Stakeholder Management

Grip on results through active stakeholder management!

Arm-twisting at the consultation table... Not nice, but it happens all too often in steering committees of large ICT projects. Also with you? Then it might be time for active stakeholder management.

Ed van Doorn
Ed van Doorn

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Coming together to achieve the best achievable result

Digitisation makes it easy for organisations to collaborate. But successful collaboration is more than just a technical challenge. At Highberg, we understand this. In managing complex ICT projects and programmes, we pay attention to pooling interests and involving stakeholders. Who are they? What drives them? Where do they chafe? We map out the stakeholders and facilitate the discussion of interests. Respect for everyone's position is key here. 

Four basic strategies

How you communicate with stakeholders depends on the relationships and the phase of a collaboration. Looking at influence on and interest in the project or programme, we work from four basic strategies: inform, consult, involve, do together. When addressing stakeholders, we choose topics that matter to them. It can be about the cooperation process, but sometimes an approach about content or relationship is easier. The goal remains: to achieve the best achievable result together. That is where cooperation flourishes and everyone benefits.