Agile program management

Because the goal-oriented nature of program management fits perfectly with the agile value-driven philosophy of Agile!

Ed van Doorn
Ed van Doorn

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Complex projects require agile working methods and control.

In a turbulent society, with disruptive technologies and constantly changing business models, complex projects involving ICT require you to adopt an agile type of working method and control. But despite or precisely because of all the flexibility brought in, things sometimes get out of hand. The teams' results are disappointing, the outcome is not what you expected after all, and the benefits for your organization are disappointing. So how do you manage the cohesion between the organization's objectives, the achievement of benefits in combination with a flexible working method?

Drive value from teams in cohesion to achieve strategic objectives

Highberg has the expertise and practical experience you need to make complex programs and projects and scaled agile processes successful. Highberg ensures that the expected benefits and delivered value are in line with your (organizational) goals by having professional Program Management monitor the coherence between organizational goals and agile trajectory results. The goal-oriented cohesive nature of our Program Management uses both best practice such as Managing Successful Program (MSP) combined with agile and value-driven philosophies such as Agile, Scrum, SAFe and LeSS. Here, we use the principles to make this practically applicable in your organization so that results, expectations and objectives as well as the achievement of benefits are managed in coherence. Non-agile projects can also be combined with this. 

In this way, we help you complete the circle to manage delivered value from the teams and the organizational change assignment in coherence to optimally achieve your strategic organizational objectives. 


A Highberg Case study

Positive impact when implementing Lean/Agile portfolio management made clear

How do I communicate in an approachable, concrete and fun way why does Agile also further professionalize our way of working outside of IT and/or teams?

With this question Highberg (previously VKA) went to work with the Education Executive Agency (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, hereafter: DUO)

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