Cloud sourcing

Responding quickly to changing market conditions

Society is becoming increasingly digital. Organizations' services are increasingly taking place digitally. New services are being developed that must respond quickly to changing market conditions. To be ready for this as an organization, the deployment of cloud services is an indispensable pillar.

Pim Schouten
Pim Schouten

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In both public and private services, there is a strategic consideration as to whether one's own organization and resources can respond quickly and adequately enough to new developments. In addition, there are additional technological developments that make it possible to offer more and more functionality, and new measures are needed to better protect one's own environment against crime.  

The options offered by the cloud contribute greatly to a number of important business goals: great flexibility, high scalability and cost-efficient IT deployment.

Highberg would be happy to help you envision and realize the optimal deployment of cloud services for your organization!


A Highberg Client story

Complete IT from the cloud

Daring. That was PostNL's consideration in becoming the first listed Dutch company to source its entire IT from the cloud. Until three years ago, PostNL - like the majority of large companies - had its IT in its own data center, where it was largely managed by itself. Marcel Krom, Chief Information Officer of PostNL, cites cost savings as the main reason for choosing a “cloud-only strategy.

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