Cloud migration

How do I approach cloud migration and adoption?

Highberg has developed a proven approach in which we help you go through (parts of) your transition to the Cloud in a controlled manner. Our style here is iterative. We divide the required results into bite-sized chunks and work iteratively to deliver the required partial products. Properly functioning systems from the Cloud and possibly adapted processes and controls in your organization that can be concretely tested for adequate operation.

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Keeping a grip on content and supplier

Our program managers are highly experienced in accomplishing large-scale transitions to the cloud. Whether it's an elevator & shift, application washing or a small transition of just Office Automation, Highberg has the experience to make your migration a success with a course of action that fits the cadence of your organization.

Our experienced cloud architects and cloud governance experts help you keep a grip on the content and the supplier. Does the supplier fulfill its agreements and does it actually deliver what was agreed? Things do not run smoothly just because the supplier promises it. This obviously requires the necessary attention.

Cloud data

Increasingly, your data, your crown jewels, are being stored in the cloud. But what does this really mean for your organization? You need agreements with your vendor about availability, cost of storage. In addition, this data is used in multiple systems, possibly spread across different cloud providers. A good data data architecture and agreements about data governance are in such a case indispensable. Our data experts help you get a grip on your data in the cloud.


A Highberg Client Case

Complete IT from the cloud

Daring. That was PostNL's consideration in becoming the first listed Dutch company to source its entire IT from the cloud. Until three years ago, PostNL - like the majority of large companies - had its IT in its own data center, where it was largely managed by itself. Marcel Krom, Chief Information Officer of PostNL, cites cost savings as the main reason for choosing a “cloud-only strategy.

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Cloud & Privacy

Personal data is data that needs special attention under the AVG regulation. Especially if you store your personal data in the cloud, strict agreements are needed with the cloud provider and compliance: storage technology, security, use of personal data, access to personal data, exchange of personal data between multiple cloud applications, location of data centers ... many issues that need to be figured out and may impact the design of the cloud solution. Our privacy experts will help you with concrete advice for the design of processes and systems in a cloud environment. Press the arrow below for information about our privacy capability.


A Higberg Client Case

Roadmap to the Cloud - Municipality of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk

The municipality of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk asked Highberg to help realize its transition to the cloud. To this end, Highberg created a target architecture and further developed it into architecture products, such as a program of requirements, to be used in a tender for the selection of a new IT services provider from the cloud.

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