Cloud cost control

How do I manage my cloud vendors and control my costs?

Migration completed and vendors launched. The cloud is buzzing. But are we getting the intended benefits from it? Is our business strategy well supported? Do we have the risks under control and what about the costs? For now, I only see the bill growing, it seems like everyone is turning on servers. How do I keep a grip on the cloud and my suppliers now that so much is happening outside my direct view?

Pim Schouten
Pim Schouten

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Cloud governance

Highberg supports organizations with setting up cloud governance. Highberg has knowledge of various models and frameworks of cloud governance but always looks specifically at your organization to determine which elements are most appropriate for your situation. Starting from your strategy, we help you to set up policies, standards and processes to realize this strategy in a transparent and controllable way. With a clear division of tasks between the various roles so that it is always clear who is performing which managing or controlling task.

Cloud control

A control framework helps you formulate the requirements in the areas of security, privacy and any additional compliance requirements, and to coordinate and invest these with all suppliers in the chain. In periodic coordination with suppliers, you can test and demonstrate these requirements. This, of course, with a risk-based approach to keep the effort manageable. By setting up the right processes and resources within cloud governance and a risk-based approach, you maintain control over your ICT delivery.

The “old” on premise infrastructure has its fair share of risks. But many of these were known and self-mitigating. The cloud solves some of these risks but also introduces new ones. Do we know what these risks are, how to mitigate them and what role vendors play in them? And where suppliers are managing the risks: how can we assure ourselves that they are actually and effectively doing so? Highberg helps organizations identify risks and mitigate them. Highberg experts in ISO27001, NEN 7510, IT risk, security, privacy, cloud and vendor management know the risks that cloud brings. We help your organization get a grip on these risks so that in the future you can fall back on a solid foundation of agreements and processes so that you can carry out risk management independently and with a clear division of tasks.


Cloud governance and the Highberg Cloud Governance Framework

Companies and organizations are increasingly taking advantage of the benefits offered by the (public) cloud. The central government is now also opening the door ajar! To land cloud in a thoughtful way, good direction is necessary. But how? With this framework Highberg supports its customers in setting up the (cloud) governance organization that matches their objectives.

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Getting a handle on cloud costs

One strength of the cloud is cost flexibility. No heavy investments. No expensive machines for the test environment that have nothing to do 80% of the time but scale up and scale down on demand. But in practice, this is quite disappointing. Flexibility is not free. Free scaling up and down has higher rates than long-term contracts. And how good are we at scaling down? A machine is switched on in no time, but who makes sure it is switched off again at the end of the day? And with all the choices of products, zones, tiers and variations, it is difficult to see if the most cost-effective choices are being made.

Highberg helps with the optimization of costs but also and especially the embedding of cost control. Processes that allow costs to be continuously monitored and reported to services across the board. Securing timely deployment and scaling. Assessment frameworks and calculation models when flexible and when longer fixed agreements are made.

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