Cloud supplier selection

A well-secured Cloud architecture

Highberg helps you create an ICT architecture in which cloud takes a prominent place. After all, your ICT systems must continue to work, even if part of your ICT goes to the cloud. Perhaps you have decided in your sourcing strategy that you want to use multiple suppliers or you seize the opportunity for modernization or adaptation of your ICT systems, even then a cloud architecture is necessary: it brings structure and overview so you get a grip on your ICT landscape and keep control during the transition.

Highberg pays explicit attention to security in your architecture. We use modern security concepts such as Zero-trust and Security-by-Design and incorporate them into the architecture. With this we ensure optimal security for your entire ICT landscape, in line with the strategy and appropriate to the capabilities of the organization, so you can be sure that your architecture is as secure as possible and the biggest security risks in your current ICT landscape are addressed.

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The modern (hybrid) workplace

Much of the modern workplace and application landscape is being facilitated from the cloud. Consider: hosting “proprietary applications on an Infrastructure/Platform as a Service (IaaS/PaaS) cloud; complete business applications purchased as SaaS, use of Office 365, Sharepoint, Teams, etc. Highberg has services to help you move your workplace of your employees to the cloud. Highberg consultants provide a cohesive approach that leads to sustainable and responsible solutions for your employees.

A data platform in the cloud

Using (big) data requires an environment that is easily scalable and flexible to match rapidly evolving technologies, such as the deployment of machine learning and artificial intelligence. In addition, data management is increasingly a topic of order as organizations increasingly lean on data and must be accountable for the use of data. A data infrastructure in the cloud is by definition easier to scale and more flexible. But putting data placed in the cloud also quickly raises concerns in organizations, which often can be overcome. We help you work out an architecture in which your data platform plays a prominent role.


A Highberg Client Case

Support in outsourcing the IT environment to the cloud

Together with SRK, Highberg formulated the objectives and principles that IT should meet. This revealed that SRK wants to focus on the primary process: providing legal aid. IT is not a core task but it must be reliable, efficient and in control.

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SaaS readyness

More and more software vendors are converting their applications to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) variant. This allows you to use application functionalities from a standard Web browser while the vendor provides and manages the application from its environment.

Switching from an on-premise application to a SaaS variant seems to offer advantages, such as relief of worries: more frequent updates that add functionality and less coordination between in-house administrators. But what about the costs? And is your organization actually ready for SaaS. Better yet, is your vendor ready for SaaS? Because a good software developer is not automatically a good application manager.

To answer these questions, Highberg has developed a scan that structurally maps the readiness of both the client organization and the supplier. Themes such as data exchange, ICT technology, policy, costs, laws and regulations and your management organization are included.

Cloud partner selection

A migration and transition to the cloud means a major operation to migrate from the current situation to the new situation. What will we do in this ourselves and where do we look for support? And in what form? Hiring specialists, a result-oriented assignment or a long-term relationship? Because even after migration to the cloud, there are management tasks that the cloud supplier will not perform for you and for which you may not have, want or be able to keep the expertise in-house.

Highberg supports organizations with the selection of partners. From market exploration to European tendering if needed. We can strengthen your procurement team in the field of procurement and tendering and/or content (program of requirements, allotment, contracting, drafting SLAs, etc.). Whether we fill the role of lead partner, content advisor or program lead, we will help you select and procure the right supplier(s) for your cloud services.

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