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Proper management of supply and demand is necessary to make the potential of IT serve your organizational goals. IT Governance and direction are key words here. Highberg can help you assess, design and implement your governance of IT on a temporary basis.

Clear structures and processes enable employees, departments and suppliers to take responsibility and make a recognizable organizational contribution. Highberg helps with this design and management to fit your culture and the dynamics in and around your organization.

Highberg knows the standards and governance models and your context. We incorporate this knowledge into a suitable approach and organizational design. Appropriate because it fits your culture and dynamics and because it contributes to your organizational goals.

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In doing so, we ensure focus on the important themes of your governing organization: based on a vision of the future, we deploy the right elements that lead to visible improvement in the short term. This brings focus to the implementation and delivers quick results to your organization.

Our approach enables you to move with the short-cycle dynamics required by an agile organization. We understand the interests and translate them into supported governance. When Highberg's experience is deployed, your organization works on achievable trajectories that produce results.

We distinguish ourselves by looking at the totality of IT services and suppliers and focusing control on the coherence of the components. Our starting point is that you deliver integral services to your organization, your customer's needs are met and she experiences professional services where she is not confronted with the variation in services, contracts and suppliers. The direction is thus fully focused on the contribution to your organizational goals and brings supply and demand together. A well-directed interplay between supply and demand ensures that delivery is managed with demand in mind and prevents external suppliers from delivering positive reports where users are dissatisfied.

Examples of services Highberg can provide for you include:

Assessment of your existing governance organization and governance structure for the extent to which they support organizational objectives. Highberg provides customized pragmatic advice on whether and how these results can be improved.

Highberg can guide the design or improvement of the governance organization. We can coach your employees in fulfilling the directing role or we can temporarily fill this role.

From our expertise and experience we can effectively review, draft and implement governance products such as SLAs, reports, contracts and process descriptions.


A Highberg Client Case

Highberg reviews Business Case Hansken for Police organization

Highberg (formerly VKA) conducts Quickscan of current use and implementation of Hansken.

Highberg IT Quickscan

Highberg's IT quick scan gives you insight into the strengths, weaknesses and risks of your IT. In addition, the IT quick scan provides a picture of what the IT should look like to maximally contribute to the business objectives, including a roadmap of how this future picture can be achieved.

Highberg performs the quick scan by looking at your IT from three perspectives:

  • Strategic frameworks: such as organizational strategy, IT objectives, policies and relevant laws and regulations.
  • Current IT: infrastructure, applications, organization, tooling, processes, contracts and SLAs.
  • Relevant IT developments that may impact future IT for your organization: such as digital transformation, mobility, cloud, big data, analytics and security/privacy.

Our approach is an analysis of your IT based on documents and interviews. Here we take into account specific questions or concerns from your organization. The first result is an overview of the strengths, weaknesses and risks of your IT, based on the three aforementioned perspectives. We then provide an outline of what your organization's IT could look like in the situation where the risks have been mitigated and the weaknesses eliminated as much as possible. We also provide a rough roadmap of how your organization can achieve this future picture.

Highberg performs the analysis in the form of a quick scan: in short lead time (a few weeks at most) and at limited cost (fixed price). We do this based on our extensive experience with IT organizations and IT services. The approach is generic and has proven itself for IT services within very different organizations (our references are, for example, governments, printing companies, law firms, fashion industry and industrial production). Within the generic approach, we always take into account the specific characteristics of your sector and your organization.

The result of the IT quick scan enables you to make decisions about concrete steps to optimally organize your IT to match your business objectives. And thus to work specifically on reducing risks and weaknesses.

Interested in the Highberg IT quick scan? Please contact us!

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Highberg IT process maturity scan

The Highberg maturity scan is a scan and measurement tool based on the frameworks Cobit v5, ITIL v3, ASL2 and the Norea standards framework for risk management of IT services. The scan provides a fast, transparent and repeatable way to analyze where the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities lie in the process design and control of the IT (governance) organization. The result is an overview of the areas where the organization can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the IT and how these gains can be realized.

The scan scores provide a clear indication of which aspects of the processes are in order and which are such that they create risks for the organization. Highberg provides advice on the most important residual risks and how these can be removed. We also offer the opportunity to work with the organization to look at a desired growth path for the organization, based on ambitions, realism, situational aspects and the most important concerns and risks for the organization.

Interested in the Highberg Maturity Scan? Then get in touch with us!

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