Sourcing Strategy

An appropriate sourcing strategy is the starting point for the successful deployment of IT in your organization. That means: IT that contributes maximally to the realization of your organization's objectives. Highberg makes the difference by combining customer knowledge and in-depth knowledge of the market and IT.

Pim Schouten
Pim Schouten

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A Highberg sourcing strategy answers questions such as:

  • What logical and defined domains of IT services can the organization distinguish in its IT landscape?
  • What contribution to the organizational strategy should different domains of IT services make? Consider objectives such as shortening time-to-market, increasing customer satisfaction, accelerating innovation or reducing/flexibilizing costs.
  • Which core tasks in IT service delivery does the organization want or need to keep in-house, for example, to be able to manage professionally or for competitive reasons or because of a statutory duty?
  • What forms of sourcing are appropriate to achieve the organizational goals? The most important sourcing forms are do it yourself, outsource and collaborate (shared service).
  • What are criteria on the basis of which a choice for a form of sourcing is made? Consider criteria such as information security, impact on personnel and impact on quality of service.
  • What is the most appropriate form of sourcing for the various domains in the IT landscape?
  • Is it wise to work with one supplier (single sourcing) or is the organization better off by contracting the best supplier per domain (multisourcing, best-of-breed)?
  • Which party will handle service integration if there will be multiple suppliers? Is that one of the suppliers, for example, or is the governing organization mature enough to do this itself?
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Sourcing Strategy

With a sourcing strategy, the organization has a clear picture of the most appropriate form of sourcing for each of the domains in the IT landscape. The organization knows which tasks it can best perform itself and which services it is better off outsourcing. The sourcing strategy contains an outline roadmap, in which we provide a picture of a possible implementation in various steps, taking into account feasibility, dependencies, risks and the impact on the organization.

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