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Interim Management

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Interim Management

Perform and change: stay agile with complementary Expertise

In an era where change is the order of the day, organizations face complex challenges. This requires simultaneously playing chess on multiple boards, where both employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction must not be compromised. For today's challenges and tomorrow's transformations, Highberg Interim management stands ready to guide your organization toward sustainable change.

Bastiaan Bazen
Bastiaan Bazen

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Anouk van Gemert
Anouk van Gemert

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Interim management for effective change

Changes are often urgent and require quick action, while normal business operations must continue uninterrupted. When employees in key positions face conflicting interests, this can lead to shortages in capacity and experience. This encourages carelessness, delays or even underperformance.

Highberg's Interim Managers "focus" the power of change within your organization. In collaboration with management, they take responsibility for both leadership tasks and the implementation of change. This enables organizations to transform effectively and at an accelerated pace.

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hun ervaring

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Theun Creton is an interim manager at Highberg

What we offer

What makes someone a Highberg interim manager?

Selected professionals

Our Interim Managers are carefully selected on experience, personality, knowledge and motivations. They are seasoned change managers with expertise in sectors such as finance, retail, energy and government. They understand the complexity of change processes and know the demands this makes on managers and employees.

Experience in "the line"

With a wealth of experience in a variety of organizations and roles, both in line and in change projects, our Interim Managers understand the dynamics of organizations in transition. They recognize the challenges of managers and employees to manage change while maintaining business as usual.

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