Acquisition House of Performance in Utrecht heralds next step in the growth ambition of the brand-new Highberg Group 

Amsterdam, 18 January 2022 – Through the acquisition of consulting agency House of Performance (HofP) in Utrecht, the Highberg Group takes an important step in achieving its growth ambition. The group will be further reinforced by a renowned party that has access to in-depth knowledge in the fields of change management, agile transformation and data-driven working. HofP does not only provide consultancy services, it also provides interim managers that can be sent on secondments to organizations in both the private and public sector, within the Netherlands and abroad.  

The Highberg Group is the new collective name of consulting agencies BlinkLane Consulting, Gladwell Academy and Verdonck Klooster & Associates. The three agencies joined forces earlier this year, with the support of the mutual share holder AUCTUS Capital Partners of Germany. 

Han Driessen, CEO of the Highberg Group: ‘There is currently an increasing demand for broad support for complex transformation issues both in the market and amongst our existing clients. The limitation is often not about technological possibilities or knowledge, but rather the organizational challenges that big companies are facing. This is exactly where the consultants and interim managers of HofP will strengthen the group through their expertise and experience. This joining of forces also connects seamlessly to the ambition of the Highberg Group of becoming Europe’s market leader.’

After the addition of House of Performance to the Highberg Group, the organizations will focus on digital and organizational transformations in large European businesses. Through advice, training and implementation support in fields such as organizational agility, digital optimization and sustainability, Highberg aspires to help businesses stay responsive and competitive in a digital era. 

Heiko van Eldijk, partner at HofP: ‘Highberg’s invitation to join forces, seamlessly connects to our image of how our consultancy will develop further. Our clients’ issues increasingly require combinations of expertise as well as consultants from different backgrounds that aspire to work together. The match in vision, values and services of BlinkLane, Gladwell and VKA gives us the confidence that, together, we form a strong combination. A combination that offers a challenging and firm perspective, for both clients and employees.’ 

Through the acquisition of HofP, the Highberg Group now is comprised of more than 300 specialist professionals in the Netherlands, France, Germany and India. The group’s annual turnover amounts to approx. EUR 55 million.


Note to editors:

For more information, please contact Han Driessen of the Highberg Groep via and +31 (0)6-53520837.

About BlinkLane and Gladwell

BlinkLane and Gladwell Academy help companies throughout the world to remain relevant and competitive in a substantially changing and increasingly digitizing environment. Ever since its establishment in 2007, the group has grown into one of the leading players in the field of consulting and training where organizational transformations and innovation management are concerned. 

About VKA

Verdonck, Klooster & Associates has assisted companies and governments with digital transformations and the associated strategic ICT and organizational issues for more than 35 years. VKA is a leading agency within the public sector, partly due to the fact that more than one hundred government organizations have selected VKA as preferred supplier via an EU tender. 

About House of Performance

Ever since its establishment in 1999, House of Performance (HofP) advises and supports organizations wherever it can, and will confront, wherever needed. HofP wishes to make organizations and people excel in the field of digital, sustainability and organizational transformations. We attend to our customers with consultancy and interim services in conjunction with a scalable, digital transformation platform. 

About Auctus Capital Partners

Auctus Capital Partners AG is a private equity business, located in Munich. The company manages a portfolio of approx. EUR 500 million, spread over 27 investments in various sectors across various geographical markets. With more than 240 investments in the past years, Auctus can be regarded as one of the most active funds in Europe.