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A digital first approach to EX

At Highberg, we believe that Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) make the Brand Experience (BX). When EX and CX are in sync and optimized, most value is created.

EX refers to the overall journey and interactions that a potential employee, incumbent employee and former employee has with the organization, throughout the various stages of the employee lifecycle.​

We help organizations design and create an Employee Experience, that logically flows from the Brand Promise, and results in improved People KPIs like quality of hire, employee engagement and employee retention.

In our approach we use data and digital channels to develop baselines, identify opportunities for improvement, design and implement context specific interventions and check if all efforts create ROI. We call this a digital first approach to EX.

Erik-Juliaan van der Gaag
Erik-Juliaan van der Gaag

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Three steps towards an awesome EX

What makes the Highberg approach to EX unique?

Digital first: We leverage the power of data and technology to generate insights, solutions, and actions that are relevant, timely, and personalized for each organization and employee. How does this works in practice? For instance, many employees experiences survey fatigue. We go beyond surveying and harvest EX insights from operational systems and other data sources. As a result, people aren’t pulled out the flow of work and can still contribute to EX diagnosis and improvement.

Change that sticks: next to survey fatigue a big pain point that employees share is a lack of follow up to the input they provided. For us, establishing change that sticks, is a guiding principle that we embed in every step we take. We firmly believe it is better to focus on the few things that really move the needle and follow all the way through, than taking a scatter gun approach and hoping for impact.

Tool agnostic: we have extensive experience in the field of EX. As a result, we know many of the service/technology providers in this space and can help our clients to select the partners that fit their context.

Read more about the Highberg EX services

Read more about the Highberg EX services

  • Employee Journey Mapping

  • Voice of the Employee strategy

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