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Cyber Security & Continuity

Cyber Security & Continuity

Increasingly, we are confronted with the risks that digitization brings. Just think of all the reports in recent years about security breaches, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, hacked systems and compromised privacy of individuals. The threats coming at organizations via the Internet have a fundamentally different dynamic than traditional security incidents'in IT; the nature of threats has changed. Zero-day threats, for example, are currently being invented on the other side of the world and pose a threat to your information assets within hours. And it was precisely for these latest threats that vendors did not yet have solutions available. Once you are infected, you may be a hotbed of spread to other organizations. In addition, we are seeing specific new technical threats such as botnets, distributed "Denial of Service" attacks and system hostage taking emerge.

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Highberg helps you set up your risk management, cybersecurity and IT compliance efforts

The threat landscape for many organizations is constantly changing. Geopolitical developments bring new threats, attacks are becoming more sophisticated and attackers are increasingly diversified. Analysis of cyber-related risks has become a continuous process, requiring analysis of an incredible amount of data. Highberg helps you set up your risk management, cybersecurity and IT compliance. In doing so, we focus not only on formulating any risks, legal or security requirements for your information assets, but also on establishing governance and work processes that ensure cybersecurity. We do this for clients in various industries and sectors such as Public, Healthcare and Finance.

Highberg helps you set up Business Continuity Management (BCM)

As a result of a calamity, your business can come to a standstill with all the unpleasant consequences: for example, the loss of customers or turnover or the stoppage of your production. Many work processes nowadays are supported by IT facilities and it is therefore good to think about the continuity of your business in case of such a calamity. What will you do then? Highberg helps you set up Business Continuity Management (BCM). Our Lean BCM approach takes your organization through a pragmatic and executable process (without thick documents for every conceivable but highly unlikely scenario). We practice with you the right way of working in case a crisis occurs. We help you identify the business critical processes and determine what measures you need to take to ensure their continuity.

Cyber Security and Continuity services covers these topics

  • Setting up measures to improve your cybersecurity, such as Identity & Access Management or a Security Operations Center.
  • Setting up your security & continuity management processes (ISMS and BCMS), whether or not followed by guidance towards ISO27001, NEN7510 or ISO22301 certification.
  • Perform threat and risk analyses and develop the threat assessment of your organization.
  • Analyze and implement compliance frameworks, such as NIS2, WBNI, DORA, NIST CSFor the BIO.
  • Prepare continuity plans and conduct crisis training.
  • Serious gaming cybersecurity

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