IT Risk and Compliance Management

Demonstrate compliance with laws and regulations

Regulators are becoming more active and consumers are asking more and more questions. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for companies and governments to be able to demonstrate that they comply with laws and regulations. If they fail to do so, their reputation and right to exist are at risk. For many organizations, complying with laws and regulations ('being compliant') has therefore become a goal in itself, resulting in a great deal of time and money being invested in getting to the bottom of all laws and regulations before actual action is taken to comply.

Steven Debets
Steven Debets

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To be and remain compliant when it comes to IT, two things are important:

1. Having an understanding of the relevant laws and regulations and their impact on operations and information provision;

2. Having an understanding of the risks if compliance is not achieved.

Highberg uses a risk-based approach, which provides insight into the risks and prioritizes them appropriately. This enables our client to take targeted action to manage the risks that could lead to non-compliance. In addition, Highberg ensures that our results and methods are safeguarded so that our client can continue to comply with laws and regulations in the future.

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