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What regulation is coming my way, what's their impact on me and what should I do?

Digitalization has significantly transformed the way organizations operate and deliver services. This transformation extends not only to internal processes but also to collaborations with partners across the supply chain. Leveraging digitalization enables organizations to work more efficiently, provide higher quality services, and better meet the needs of citizens and customers.

However, with new digital possibilities come new challenges and risks, such as discrimination in algorithmic decision-making, transparency of government decisions, and ensuring appropriate information security. To navigate these challenges and make risks manageable, organizations are faced with a rapidly evolving set of rules. Maintaining an overview of all these obligations and integrating them effectively within the organization can be challenging. Highberg is here to assist with its Digital Law consultancy services.

Why Digital Law?

Our guiding principle is that legal regulations should not hinder a successful digital transformation. We explain the applicable rules to your organization in clear language, identify legal risks with involved stakeholders, and explore legal possibilities collaboratively.

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Why Digital Law?

Our starting point is that laws and regulations need not stand in the way of a successful digital transformation. That is why we explain in understandable language the rules that will affect your organization, clearly map out the legal risks together with the employees involved, and help you think about what is legally possible. Digital Law offers support in five different ways:

1. Frameworks and regulations: which laws and regulations already apply and which will soon come into force?
2. Impact:
what do these regulations mean in concrete terms for your organization?
3. Implementation:
what must the organization do to comply with these rules?
4. Assessments:
to what extent does the organization comply with the applicable rules?
5. Customization:
tailored support in complying with laws and regulations.

"Together with our clients, we clearly identify legal risks."


Webinar series Impact & Implementation

In the Impact & Implementation webinar series, we periodically discuss new legislation, always addressing both questions. These webinars are brought to you for free by Highberg and are delivered by our Digital Law specialists. In addition, we like to collaborate with external knowledge partners in these webinars.

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