BCM, but then Lean

"Start with what you already have in terms of resilience."

With the Lean BCM concept, Highberg has enriched the field with a new approach. The premise is: start with what you already have in terms of resilience within the organization and build on that. Don't start over as the theory describes, but reason from practice. The motto of Lean BCM is therefore 'No more than necessary, but with maximum results.

Steven Debets
Steven Debets

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The Lean BCM method originated from the dissatisfaction we saw and felt ourselves about the way BCM projects were running. After an enthusiastic start, the projects often got bogged down in series of analyses and workshops in which a lot of substantive knowledge was brought together, but which did not immediately produce concrete results for the organization. Gradually the energy flowed away, other priorities became relevant, feedback and feedback stopped. It was no exception that after a year, a BCM project had still only produced paper, but the organization was no closer to becoming more resilient.

This could and should be done differently. The result was the publication of the book "Business Continuity Management, Away from the beaten path. This introduced a method that broke with existing conventions and enabled organizations to achieve results quickly. No choices based on detailed analyses, but concrete choices based on the insights of management and specialists within the organization.

Necessary crisis management structure

Lean BCM enables you to lay a solid foundation for an effective and pragmatic BCM within 3 to 6 months, at an acceptable effort.

First, the necessary crisis management structure is put in place, including the (policy) documents required by laws and regulations. Next, attention is focused on the biggest and most realistic threats. This delivers concrete results within a short period of time. After implementing Lean BCM, your organization is still not prepared for 'everything', but it has mastered how to act in crisis situations and knows its priorities: the organization has become more resilient.

The Lean BCM approach has proven itself in recent years in various organizations, including in the financial, insurance, public and healthcare sectors.

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