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Talent Acquisition & Retention

Talent Acquisition & Retention

"With the war on talent raging as never before these are paramount themes for almost every organization"

We assist organizations to set up and achieve data driven Talent Acquisition and Recruitment. This is crucial to ensure a skilled and engaged workforce, leading to improved productivity, innovation, and a competitive advantage in the market. 

It helps organizations to attract top talent, reduce recruitment costs, and fosters employee loyalty, resulting in reduced turnover and continuity of institutional knowledge. 

Alex Hellemons
Alex Hellemons

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Why - data driven - Talent Acquisition & Retention is important

Data driven HR is obviously about data. While data takes a prominent position in data driven HR another key element of data driven HR (also known as HR Analytics or People Analytics) is structured problem-solving.

In practice, many organizations still rely on assumptions, gut feelings and don’t go beyond looking at averages when assessing a challenge. A data driven approach to Talent Acquisition and retention really helps to narrow down on those employee segments that are at risk and require attention. 

It helps organizations to pivot from a generic blanket approach to a laser focused approach which can vary from one employee segment to another, thereby making a bigger impact with equal or fewer costs.

Strategy & Design

How to start with data driven Talent Acquisition & Retention

The reasons for employee attrition can differ per sector and/or company, but also because organizations can be in a different HR Analytics maturity stage. Below a common data driven employee retention and attrition practice organized in several categories: Strategy & Design, Implement & Change and Train & Coach.

Implement & Change


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