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"As a leader, you don't lead anyone to places you haven't been yourself"

Leaders play a crucial role in providing direction, motivating, and fostering connections to ensure the success of change. What makes you authentic and impactful as an individual leader? And how do you strengthen each other as a leadership team or collective in providing direction and fostering connections? Read on if you want to learn more about how we support leadership development.
Natascha Renkers
Natascha Renkers

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Marijke ten Have

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Leadership development in transformations

Change is the only constant; how do you deal with uncertainty? Change brings along tension, fear, desires, and hope. Rationally, we often understand that change is the right path, but emotionally, it creates a lot of unrest. Together with leaders, we delve into what the change personally demands in terms of leadership and how to have courageous conversations with your team(s) to respond to what is needed. It often involves finding a balance between providing direction, space, and instilling trust. In doing so, we build the foundation to enhance performance together.

Our approach

Leadership development requires customization in the context. We build this through 6 pillars: 

  1. We start with strategic alignment: the organizational strategy and purpose take center stage. We determine at the outset how we measure the impact of leadership development.
  2. With a representation of the target audience and stakeholders, we translate the change into current and desired behavior. We also identify factors preventing the desired behavior from emerging.
  3. We begin with personal learning and reflection, building on individual motivation to learn.
  4. We provide an approach at the individual, group, and organizational levels, connecting the different levels of leadership.
  5. We share substantive knowledge about transformations and experiences from other leaders, best practices in behavioral development, and strengthen skills.
  6. We encourage short-cycle learning in daily practice: we connect learning to daily performance on the work floor, where the results become visible.

Our style

What characterizes us? We provide support where we can. Confront where necessary: we don't let go when things get challenging. We work in a no-nonsense manner, with humor, and in an activating way.

The results of focus on leadership and culture

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