Enterprise architect

Enterprise architect

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What are you going to do as Enterprise architect?

IT is the key enabler for achieving numerous strategic goals. Areas such as digital transformation, digitalization, and 'getting the house in order' are where IT can truly make a difference. As an architect, you are constantly focused on how IT can optimally contribute to realizing these business strategies.

In your role as an expert and advisor, you are involved in various short advisory projects where architecture plays a crucial role in providing sound advice. You assist executives, boards, CIOs, and management of leading organizations with questions like 'is my IT future-proof?' or 'is this the right IT investment at the right time?'. You guide them through your inspiring vision of current technologies and future developments in digitalization.

Enterprise architect
Digital Strategy
"The developments in IT are advancing rapidly and have a profound impact on both our personal lives and professional existence. This dynamic greatly appeals to me. Combined with the diverse roles and assignments I undertake for a wide range of organizations, it makes my workload at Highberg very diverse, varied, and challenging!"

Gregor Hendrikse, Enterprise architect at Highberg

Examples of projects you will carry out as Enterprise architect

At Highberg, you engage with our clients as an Enterprise Architect, Program Architect, or Project Architect, taking charge of the technical direction. As an architect at Highberg, you work on prestigious projects and programs that have societal impact or significant importance. Examples include:

  • developing architecture for COVID-19 programs at RIVM.
  • carving out IT for Sanquin's blood bank and designing architecture for its new environment.
  • architecting innovative collaboration chains between the police and NFI using modern IT.
  • establishing future-proof architecture for a construction company.
  • designing and tendering architecture for modernizing the workplace of a large healthcare institution.

You collaborate closely with others, working in project teams to integrate all necessary disciplines. This approach not only fosters teamwork but also provides ample opportunities for mutual learning. Together, we leverage our collective knowledge for greater strength! Knowledge is highly valued at Highberg; we invest in knowledge development, offer training programs, and support your professional growth. Continuous development in your field is emphasized, requiring a curious mindset and a willingness to invest in yourself.

Highberg's architecture expertise group is expanding and seeking multiple architects across junior, mid-level, and senior positions. As Highberg grows, we seek ambitious individuals who want to grow with us!

What is our vision on architecture?

We see architecture not merely as an IT issue, but also as a business issue. At its core, architecture aims to achieve business objectives by effectively supporting processes, products, and information provision. Architecture should contribute swiftly and efficiently to organizational goals. It is a means to an end, not an end in itself. We assist our clients in making the right choices regarding the scope, content, and form of architecture. We do this from an independent standpoint, advising in the best interest of our clients and guiding their suppliers to do the same.

What are we asking?

  • Junior: A Master's degree in computer science, technical public administration, business administration, and/or Business & IT;

  • Medior (supplemented with): Minimum of 3 years of work experience as a (solution) architect in operational roles, technical project leader on IT projects, information advisor, or similar roles, with the ambition to grow;

  • Medior (supplemented with): A well-founded opinion on IT and enterprise architecture;

  • Medior (aangevuld met): Competencies to thoroughly understand clients' business, map organizational needs, and translate them into suitable IT solutions;

  • Senior (supplemented with): Work experience as an enterprise architect at a consulting firm, IT service provider, or top-500 company;

  • Senior (supplemented with): A vision on and experience with developing business, information, application, and/or IT architecture.

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