Lifting new product development

Door: David Sieweke

In this episode we are talking to Erdogan Gülyaz, Head of Product Lifecycle Management and Lean Product Development within the Home Solutions Business Unit at TK Elevator, where he focuses on accelerating idea-to-market of new products. He is also Visiting fellow at Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands.

Erdogan Gülyaz Lean Agile Product Development TK Elevator
BlinkCast episode on New Product Development in Hardware Environments
Work in progress limits in Lean Agile development
Cross-functional knowledge teams in product lifecycle management
Ensuring fast feedback and experimental learning in product development

Erdogan has over 20 years of international work experience in different sectors, mainly in the new product development space. His areas of expertise are end-to-end innovation management, project management with multi-disciplinary teams and Lean Agile Product Development. Besides, he has also worked as a researcher and lecturer at a Business School for about 4 years.

Are curious how to apply lean and agile to the New Product Development Process in Hardware Environments? Then this episode will be very interesting for you!

Today, we discuss:

  • Ensuring flow of knowledge by establishing Work in progress limits
  • Working with Cross-functional knowledge teams
  • Ensuring Fast feedbck and experimental learning
  • Doing vs being agile
  • Introducing the OBEYA room

Please enjoy this conversation with Erdogan Gülyaz!

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