Leadership in organizational transformations

“Change is about shifting strategy – and culture is what drives strategy”


Successful organizations undergo continuous change. "Change is the only constant, and it's something you need to embrace." This message is frequently heard within organizations. However, a significant number of individuals experience tension, fear, and resistance when faced with change, even if they rationally understand that change is the right path. Therefore, leaders play an essential role in the course of transformations. We believe that the quality of conversations held during this process is crucial. Continuous change challenges finding the balance between providing direction and establishing collaboration with others.

The Essence of Leadership in Organizational Transformation

Leadership development requires tailored approaches within a given context. Each phase of transformation demands different leadership qualities – including facing personal hurdles, engaging with others, and breaking organization-wide patterns. We observe two crucial principles in all cases:

  • Strategic Alignment: Organizational strategy and purpose are central to leadership development.
  • Short-Cycle Learning in Daily Practice: We connect learning to daily performance on the shop floor, where results become evident.

Focus on Leadership in Organizational Transformation Yields:

Sustainable Results: We assist leaders in articulating the required outcomes and determining how to achieve them. This approach enables leaders to take (personal) ownership of the transformation and desired results. Highberg provides expertise in behavioral development, guiding until desired behaviors are ingrained. Thus, results improve through leadership development.

Ownership: "Our team is doing well, but there's still much work to be done in that department." Do you recognize this conversation? We collaborate with executives, teams, and professionals, interconnecting different levels of leadership within your organization. By fostering appreciative perspectives, enhancing dialogue quality, and nurturing skills among leaders and their teams, we realize ownership of shared goals.

Belief and Pride: By increasing employees' belief in leadership and their engagement with the organization's purpose, we ignite a movement driven by energy and intrinsic motivation. This leads to improved collaboration, ownership, and performance across departments.

Our Approach

Through six starting points, we support leadership within your organization:

  • Connected Leadership: We bridge the various hierarchical levels of leadership.
  • Quality Conversations: We enhance the quality of conversations and relationships within organizations.
  • Measurable Goals and Results: We make the required behavioral changes explicit, factual, and measurable, doing so with a practical, humorous, and activating approach.
  • Identifying and Breaking Barriers: Together, we delve beneath the surface to appreciatively examine what's necessary to overcome barriers.
  • Support Where Possible, Confront Where Necessary: We don't let go when things get tense. Embracing innovation requires letting go of the old and familiar.
  • Short-Cycle Experimentation: Through short-cycle behavioral experiments, we cultivate new behaviors.

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