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The General Data Protection Regulation (or AVG) has been around for a while, but it is not always clear. People want to comply with the privacy legislation, but the important question is: how should they actually do this? You understand that your employees need help with that, with training and knowledge transfer. But ask yourself, is an e-learning enough?

An e-learning or generic training provides a good basis, but only after that come the questions: what do those abstract concepts like "basis," "processor" or "privacy by design" mean specifically for my work? What should I do, or not do? What did they actually mean in that training with a DPIA, and how do you actually do that... People only learn what the General Data Protection Regulation means for their work when the translation is made into practice. Because the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation is different for different organizational units. Your HR professionals have different questions than Marketing. And ICT wants to know different things than your policy department.

Courtney Don
Courtney Don

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Highberg provides in-company training where we look with your employees at how the AVG will affect their work. By immersing ourselves and empathizing with their work, we develop training courses in which we ensure that they are fun and educational. For example, by mimicking practical situations, practicing and experiencing as much as possible ourselves. We tailor each training specifically to the target group. The preparation requires a little more effort, but this pays off because the effect is lasting. A good investment in other words.

Finally, we believe that our work is not done when everyone goes home after the training. Because even after that, new questions arise. Highberg therefore provides training with aftercare. How? Through our blogs and podcasts, through our AVG Toolkit App and through the refresher sessions we offer on our online Academy for professional education. But also, if desired, through coaching and periodic refresher days.


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Here you will find our monthly podcast updating you in 20 minutes on the latest developments in privacy.

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