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If an organization has decided that outsourcing is the most appropriate form of sourcing, then supplier selection is the next step. Highberg has extensive experience in assisting organizations in supplier selections and European tenders.

Anne van Esch
Anne van Esch

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Best-fit supplier and services

We believe that a good agreement with a supplier goes far beyond just the most competitive price. Together with you, we find the best partner for your IT services. In doing so, we are able to conclude an agreement within the frameworks of regulations that benefits your (internal) customers, your organization and the supplier. The agreement covers all aspects of service provision that are relevant to you, such as fast and reliable delivery, high quality or the latest innovations.

Support from your internal customer

A critical success factor is gaining support from your internal customer. Our approach is based on open and transparent communication to all parties, internal and external. Experience shows that accurately describing the process and executing it in this way leads to success. Highberg has all the necessary knowledge and experience in the technical, legal and procedural aspects of procurement.

Our procurement services are flexible and modular. This can vary from targeted support in a few phases of the procurement process to full outsourcing in which we manage the entire procurement process on your behalf. In consultation with you, we determine what support Highberg provides for a successful tender. We know all the frameworks and best practices. Together we determine which approach best suits your situation. In every process, Highberg ensures the transfer of knowledge and its embedding in your organization. This enables you to carry out the next tender independently.

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Full Circle tendering

Many organizations view procurement as a separate process. In many ways, this can lead to loss of knowledge, money and/or time. Full Circle Procurement is based on the principle that a tender is an integral part of an ongoing process. A tender, the transition and the execution of a contract are not separate processes, but rather parts of a chain. By smoothly connecting those links, the organization can save time, money and energy. Taken together, this improves the quality of the entire process.

By viewing procurement not as a phase that takes place once every four years, but as part of a cycle, within which the actual supplier selection takes place once every four years, both the selection and the resulting service will improve.

The benefits at a glance? A full circle contracting service:

  • ... is no longer surprised by the need to tender again;
  • ... is able to contract more efficiently and lawfully;
  • ... contracts more appropriate services and products;
  • ... learns from each procurement conducted;
  • ... aligns all procurement and transitions individually and also among themselves;
  • ... is fully in control at all times.

With Full Circle Procurement, Highberg aims to integrate a structured form of procurement among contracting authorities. Its aim is to structurally improve quality at a better price through better procurement of services.

Highberg helps an organization, through analysis, advice and specific products and services, to get a grip on this process and make sure all parts fit together optimally. Our approach is specific to each organization: every organization is different and the design of processes must be based on the optimal use of employees, their knowledge and skills and budgets.

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