Whitepaper: Five challenges around organizational transformation

Five challenges around organizational transformation according to leaders within large, Dutch organizations and our reflections on them.

uitdagingen rondom een organisatietransformatie volgens leiders van grote Nederlandse organisaties

The change managers of Highberg‘s interim management network spoke with fifteen leaders and managers of large, leading organizations. All companies that are going through or on the eve of important changes. Subject of discussion was organizational transformation and strategy execution. The goal: to learn together from the challenges and successes surrounding organizational transformation. This white paper discusses five challenges around organizational transformation that surfaced in the conversations and our reflections on them.

Organization transformation

As an organization, you want to be relevant to your customers and make an impact on the world around you. Digitization, new technology and the availability of more and more data offer plenty of opportunities in this regard. Think about developing new products and services that meet the needs of the world today and tomorrow, sustainable revenue models that go beyond shareholder value and new ways of working that contribute positively to achieving ESG objectives. We call this transformation.

But organizational transformation also comes with challenges. What challenges do the leaders of large, Dutch organizations see? Read it in this white paper!

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