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UNICEF provides assistance to children worldwide and advocates for their rights. As the world's largest child rights organization, UNICEF reaches more children in more places than anyone else, with the ambition to be as agile as possible to help more children, faster.

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Suzanne Laszlov - Director UNICEF Netherlands

"In the transformation to a more agile organization, external perspectives have been crucial. Highbergconsistently answered the question: 'But what do we see now?' Bringing together those insights has made the difference."

Our approach

On-the-job guidance throughout the entire change process:

  1. In various sessions, we identified the processes central to agility and determined the corresponding structures.
  2. Together, we defined the working methods associated with the desired agility.
  3. Leadership development, recognizing that everyone plays a role in the change.
  4. Teams were briefed on the principles and then took the initiative to implement 'the How.'

Marijke ten Have - Consultant and partner

"The main principle was always: 'Nothing is set in stone. Keep continuously adapting based on what we learn in the organization.'"

Achieved results

  • The organization has transformed into a more agile, continuously learning entity.
  • We are now capable of responding faster to global events.
  • A genuine 'continuous improvement culture' has emerged, where people feel comfortable identifying opportunities for improvement, sincerely perceive them as chances, and the resulting energy is palpable throughout the organization.

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