Labor-market positioning

Having the right people in the right place at the right time is critical to an organization's success. To effectively bring in the right people, it is essential to understand how your organization is viewed from the job market.

Are potential employees familiar with the employer brand? What positive and lesser associations do they have with the employer brand? To what extent is there an employer brand preference?

Answers to these and other labor market positioning questions will help you reach the right target group with an appealing message.


Our approach

During the intake we discuss which questions need to be answered and which potential target groups need to be reached. Then a survey is developed in consultation.

The questions are then presented to the target group(s) via our Internet panel and the input is analyzed.

Finally, we present how different target groups view the employer brand and what adjustments can be considered to increase awareness and attractiveness.

If desired, the panel survey can be repeated periodically to monitor the development of the employer brand.



Good positioning leads to more and better candidates in combination with shorter lead times in the recruitment process (time-to-hire).

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