"Without ensuring profitability, there is no room for manoeuvre for the future."

Every decision-maker is concerned with the question of how to ensure profitability in the short and medium term. Some already have their backs to the wall, while others act within the framework of forward-looking management. We help to comprehensively reorganise companies or company divisions in order to strengthen competitiveness, increase profitability or, in the worst case, overcome sudden crises.

Restructuring is more then changing reporting lines

The breadth of the topics and the measures of a restructuring programme depends on the current situation, how big the change needs to be and how short-term effects need to be achieved. Highberg teams identify feasible measures to reduce costs, tap into market potential, adjust the product portfolio, value creation and competences and manage the changes - usually together with managers and selected employees. Our success is the successful implementation and the visible improvement in profitability.

Strategic Business Optimization

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