Impact Boost

Increasing impact faster for clients and employees

With increasing changes, challenges arise in which organizations want or need to make a leap. With an impact boost, we restore or redesign services so that they better align with customer wishes, growth objectives, and employee development.

Sjoerd Hogenbirk
Sjoerd Hogenbirk

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What approach allows organizations to make a leap in their performance?

When organizations quickly want to make a leap, execution power and the ability to find opportunities within the existing environment is important. We unlock the knowledge and skills of teams with a combination of commitment, focus, and expertise. Our approach is characterized by an extreme focus on the desired outcomes. This starts with making bottlenecks visible and a continuous process of aligning activities with desired behavioral change and the impact on results. We know there is no 'magic bullet', so with this continuous feedback, we ensure that we achieve results by learning and adapting quickly. In doing this, we utilize the working principles of lean and agile with an emphasis on results without letting the method being the leading factor. This results in customization and a way of working that fits sustainably. During the impact trajectories, the focus is on achieving results to then increase the capability within the organization.

What issues are impact trajectories intended for?

Impact trajectories are designed for situations where 30% or more improvement is necessary within a period of 6 months. Examples of this include: - The NPS score is negative and the trend is downward. - An organization wants to quickly increase its market share in a growth market to achieve a profitable scale. -The organization does not meet the requirements of regulators and legislation and is at risk of fines and reputational damage. - The cost level continues to rise, endangering continuity. -Customers feel that the organization is not able to respond quickly enough to their needs and the market share is declining.

What can you expect during the collaboration?

Due to the high urgency of the issues, we work alongside you with high intensity, and we are direct, open, and in connection with you to get things done. As our clients say, 'It's confrontational at times but rewarding in the end'. You can count on us to: -bring in expertise when it is lacking. -present choices to achieve the result. -make results and consequences visible. -work from a place of equality and be clear about what that requires from you and your team.

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