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What we do to make a better world


At Highberg we do a lot to be sustainable as a company. We lower our impact constantly, we are good for our people. We aim for high impact programmes for our clients, and we do help the community of which we are part of.


Highberg is committed to minimizing the impact our firm has on the environment. Our direct environmental footprint (>75%) mainly consists of businesstravel.

We manage this impact down by:


We believe in happy and empowered colleagues. Happy and empowered colleagues help our clients in the best way they can because they are engaged and motivated to do so in getting most impact for our clients. Happy customers will be loyal, will return and so we are in a long term sustainable business. That’s what we want. We encourage diversity and inclusivity in our company.


Organizational diversity improves organizational effectiveness since it enables people to work to their full potential. Specifically, diversity-management benefits individuals, teams, our company as a whole, and our customers. We recognize that each employee brings their own unique capabilities, experiences and characteristics to their work, which enables us to help our clients become a breedingground for technology and innovation. In Highberg we have more than 350 employees and more than 10 nationalities.


We foster inclusivity by promoting wellbeing, open communication and empowerment of our people.

Wellbeing: Employees are the most valuable asset of our company. We value their mental and physical wellbeing by, for example: 1)Offering a training course for parents in order to develop their skills how to balance parenting and being a successful employee, 2)Regular sport events organized for all employee, 3) Individual coaching, and 4) Massage.

Open communication allows our employees to understand what they do matters in de success of the business. We stimulate open communication and transparency through our weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings. For example, via a business update, stand-up or intervision. This results in easier decisionmaking, providing creative solutions, teambuilding and knowledge sharing.

Empowerment: Highberg believes in the strengths of their employees. We empower our people by giving autonomy and responsibility for decision-making. In this way, accountability and ownership is built in the organizational culture, which plays a key role in our business success.


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