(Junior) Market Researcher| Data analyst

(Junior) Market Researcher| Data analyst

People, Leadership & Culture – Amsterdam

What are you going to do as market researcher?

As a (junior) market researcher, you will work on a variety of Marketing and HR research studies, both qualitative and quantitative research. For marketing, you can think of research into target groups, brand awareness & campaigns, and customer satisfaction. For employers, it is super important to retrieve the ‘Voice of the Employee’ and thus gain insight into the factors that employees value, or find room for improvement.

"During my studies, I researched psychological empowerment and how it could reduce the negative effects of overwork. I'm very excited about these kind of subjects. That's why I really enjoy working here, at the interface of HR and data."

Niek Klaver, market researcher at Highberg

Your tasks and responsibilities:

As a (junior) market researcher, you will work for several of our leading clients. From day 1 you will participate in ongoing projects and take care of various tasks within them. This means that you maintain contact with customers, supervise the project implementation and analyze and report results. Where necessary, you will of course be coached and supervised by more experienced colleagues.

Once you have landed, you will lead smaller surveys independently and participate in larger, for example international employee satisfaction surveys. You proactively contribute your ideas for improvement and, together with your (senior) colleagues, help to further optimize the research.

In addition to research, you may also participate in larger projects/programs that combine the various services of Highberg: transformation consultancy, reporting, research, analytics and education & coaching.

In summary, the tasks and responsibilities of a (junior) market researcher are:

  • Project management
  • Helping with the creation of proposals
  • Designing checklists and questionnaires
  • Testing questionnaires and organizing translations
  • Managing fieldwork, supporting respondents and clients to increase the response rate
  • Data-analysis and reporting
  • Presenting the results
  • Helping to develop new research products and validate them

What are we asking?

  • You have a Master's degree;

  • You have excellent knowledge of research methods and techniques;

  • If you have practical experience (<2 years) in setting up, managing and carrying out various types of quantitative market research, including employee research and/or customer research, this is an advantage;

  • You can easily work with tools such as Excel and PowerPoint. You can also easily perform analyses yourself with tools such as SPSS, R or Python;

  • You are an expert in analyzing the results of research and converting them into reports with impact;

  • Our clients are mostly multinationals, so an excellent command of the Dutch and English language is an absolute must;

  • Finally, you are available for at least four days a week.

Who are you?

  • You are passionate about data, people and organizational issues. In addition, you get energy from working with customers;

  • You work in a customer-oriented way. That is, you know how to find out the customer's interest and act accordingly.

  • You like to take responsibility for carrying out projects according to plan, within budget and with excellent quality.

  • In this role, you often serve multiple customers at the same time and timelines are sometimes sharp. It is necessary to keep several projects up and running at the same time. Working in a dynamic environment in which there is continuous change, is something that you are good at and that gives you energy.

What are we offering?

  • A competitive salary and excellent benefits including performance pay, provisions for mobility, pension and leave;

  • Sincere attention to personal development including coaching by colleagues, access to and wide range of education and training and a personal development plan with matching investments;

  • A place within a challenging and growing organization where taking personal responsibility is valued, you have the autonomy and freedom to perform your work flexibly with short lines of communication with colleagues;

  • A pleasant working environment with a pleasant and easily accessible office, focus on performance as a team and not on the individual and numerous social activities such as get-togethers, sports activities and team meetings.

About the team

You will join the People, Leaderschip & Culture team that is part of the Organizational & Sustainability Transformation hub. A great bunch of smart and driven professionals, that will always be there for you with an idea of a helping hand! We are not only working hard together but we are also having fun together - we organize social events, and we are doing a lot of fun activities, such as getaways, Friday drinks and sport events.

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We are happy to help

If you have any questions about this vacancy or would like to further discuss opportunities within Highberg, please contact HR via philippine.denbrave@highberg.com