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Social responsibility: Highberg sharing


Giving back to society is important to us being Highbergers. We don't believe in flat donations. Rather, we give what we do best. We help social organizations with their challenges. We help them increase performance, optimize processes, work better together or develop leadership. This creates more impact and helps more people. We do so just as involved, professional and focused as with any other client. There's only one difference. We do it for free. That is Highberg Sharing.

Pro Bono work

At Highberg we do/did the following pro bono assignments recently:

  • Digital transformation course: introduction to different areas of consultancy and personal development workshop given to newcomers to the Netherlands with a refugee background.
  • Restless development: stimulate strategic effectivity
  • Stichting Prisma: help with strategy execution
  • Stichting De Nieuwe Kans: stimulate effective cooperation
  • Care for cancer: reassess strategy and cooperation
  • Binthout: vision and strategy execution
  • Amref flying doctors: formulate datastrategy for amref health innovation,
  • Amref flying doctors: algorithm for effectiveness of a sanitation programme
  • Voedselbank: model for service and innovation management
  • Heilige Boontjes: coaching young adults towards work
  • Stichting Gewoon Sociaal: advice on business model and tendering
  • UWV: advicing on technology for people with a disadvantage in the labor market
  • Leerkracht: training and coaching to improve collaboration in secondary education
  • The Independent Architect: academic course to improve consistency and quality in digital architecture for public administration

Direct help and action

We also support charities with direct help and action. At Highberg we support the following charities:

  • Nacht van de Vluchteling: walking 40 km and raising 150 euros p.p to bring awareness to the refugee crisis in the Netherlands.
  • 50/50 Cooking: cooking, packaging and handing out meals to the less fortunate.
  • Kippenloop: walking 15km or 25km to collect funds for cancer research and technology.
  • Leger des Heils buurt tuin clean-up: making up the garden of the "buurthuiskamer" incl. Removing wheats, cleaning, planting etc.
  • Samen aan tafel: preparing a meal and eating together with customers of leger des heils.
  • Leger des Heils Soepbus: handing out soup to the less fortunate for an evening meal.
  • A 'dagje uit' with the Zonnebloem: taking a group of elderly out for an afternoon, having coffee, and being 'gezellig'.
  • To Good to Go: trial run with Spaces

Supporting (local) initiatives

Highberg encourages their employees to use their knowledge and capabilities to support (local) initiatives close to their hearts. We do this by offering them working time to use to work on (local) initiatives to improve social responsibility.