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Our vision on sustainability

Highberg visie op duurzaamheid

1. Towards sustainability

Highberg helps organizations to be more competitive and sustainable. We see sustainability as the long term goal for all organizations. Sustainable organizations are resilient and adaptable and have a focus on their main stakeholders. If we help our clients on this journey we think it is appropriate, even a necessity, to be sustainable yourself. So we work and act responsibly, with respect for people and environment. We commit ourselves to a vital society and a clean environment. That is what sustainability means to us. We do this together as we are part of society: to be sustainable we engage with our stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers, and local communities. We foster open communication, collaboration, and the incorporation of diverse perspectives


2. Getting better ourselves

As we help other organizations transforming to be sustainable, we as Highberg are on a journey ourselves. We want to do better every year: We set sustainable goals together and communicate them. We execute, raise competence and change processes, governance, leadership and behavior if needed. We measure results, report and take action to get better. This is a continuous process of learning and collaboration, seeking new ways to improve our sustainability practices, adopt new technologies, and adapt to changing circumstances.


3. Impact driven

Highberg is a responsible business partner and focusses on impact. For us responsibility means that we pursue harmonious and transparent cooperation with our clients, employees and partners. Second, we also want to have an impact on society. We want to be involved in programs that are socially or environmentally impactful. Where citizens and companies benefit. In our case, this means that we want to be involved in programs that make society safer, more transparent, more beautiful and or fairer for citizens and companies.


4. B Corp

Highberg, may call itself a certified B Corporation, aka B Corp. This is not just something we are super proud of but something we strive for in our day-to-day operations. By getting certified as a B Corp, we show that we are committed to making a positive impact on the world and holding ourselves accountable for our actions.