Ymere – Cost-effective through data-driven working

Ymere is driven by its mission to provide more people with modest incomes a good home in the Amsterdam metropolitan region and aims to become an efficient and results-oriented organization.


Chester Bal - Director of Finance & Reporting, Ymere

"The data-driven approach quickly provided many new insights. Due to broad representation from the organization, there was immediate support for the proposed solutions."

Client request

Assist us in conducting a deep dive and analyses on the theme of 'hiring and consultancy costs,' resulting in a backlog of improvement ideas to achieve cost savings. Secure the data-driven approach so that we can subsequently do this ourselves.


With a multidisciplinary team consisting of a business controller, business analyst, and HR, we utilized the scrum methodology to perform the following activities:

  • Developed a hypothesis tree to clarify what is being investigated for everyone.
  • Conducted data analysis of the current situation and held interviews with line management.
  • Collaboratively translated studies into analysis presentations.
  • Conducted a deep-dive workshop with line managers to generate improvement ideas.
  • Prepared an implementation plan for improvement ideas.
  • Provided knowledge sessions on the data-driven working methodology.


  • Empowered employees to work in a data-driven manner and conduct problem analyses.
  • Identified 10 improvement ideas for reducing external hiring.
  • Created awareness and support from the executive team and line managers for reducing external hiring (resulting in quicker decisions for internal solutions rather than external hiring).
  • Identified potential savings between €500,000 and €1,500,000.

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