Workshop AI for HR

Do you recognize yourself in the following situation?

You're not sure if AI is just a hype, but you also feel like you should do something with it because if it’s not a hype, you don't want to miss the AI boat.

You've read a bit about AI, but it all remains very abstract. You need an explanation in simple, straightforward language.

You want to practice applying AI tools to HR topics such as employer branding, recruitment, diversity & inclusion, engagement, and employment conditions in a playful and safe way.

In that case, the practical workshop "AI for HR" is something for you and your team!


In the workshop, we briefly explain what AI is in plain language. Then, we make the power of AI tangible through a number of engaging HR cases. After that, participants work on various AI exercises. In this final part, HR professionals experience the power of AI and are encouraged to adopt AI directly in their HR work.

For whom?

HR teams who want to discover the possibilities of AI for their field in a playful manner, for example during a team day or offsite session. There is no maximum number of participants.


For this workshop, a group of HR professionals interested in discovering the possibilities of AI for HR is needed. Additionally, it is important that participants have a computer and a (free) account with one or several AI tools, such as ChatGPT. Thirdly, participants need to be available for 1.5 hours. Lastly, a space is needed where the workshop can be conducted.

Budget & Promise

The budget for the standard AI workshop is EUR 1,495 excluding VAT, including travel expenses. With this investment, we prepare a group of HR professionals to immediately start working with AI. By diving right in, HR professionals become more productive, deliver higher quality work, and feel more enthusiastic about, or experience less fear of, AI. In short, we promise immediate impact!


The workshop is conducted by Gido van Puijenbroek and Rik de Groot. Gido is Managing Partner of the People, Leadership & Culture team at Highberg and an expert in People Analytics. Rik is a transformation consultant, and above all, a passionate AI evangelist who can convey this topic with great enthusiasm and in simple language.

Jan Carel Uylenberg

"Great workshop, Gido; it's fantastic to collaborate like this👍"

Bianca Bolck, Manager HR Reward & Information at AS Watson

"A truly inspiring session that we can all get started with. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm, Gido en Rik! We enjoyed every minute of it."

More information

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