What are examples of data driven employee journey surveys?

By: Alex Hellemons

As the reasons for employee attrition can differ per sector and even per company, but also because organizations can be in a different HR Analytics maturity stage, the solutions (HR-)organizations implement around data driven employee retention and attrition also vary. Below are some common data driven employee retention and attrition practices organized in three categories: surveys, analytics/data science and dashboarding/metrics.

Below we will elaborate on a few of the surveys organizations can utilize to improve their Talent journey.  


Recruitment survey

Whether a candidate is hired or not the the recruitment journey is an applicants first contact with an organization. the recruitment process has a major impact on the engagement of a future employee or ' an ambassador' when an applicant is not joining the company.

Therefore, it is important to continuously improve and optimize this journey for both applicants, managers and recruiters.

Onboarding survey

A well-designed and effective onboarding journey can help to set new employees up for success in their new role and can increase their engagement and commitment to the organization.

This in turn can lead to higher levels of employee retention. Employee Journey Mapping in conjunction with an onboarding survey delivers the insights to improve the Onboarding journey and thereby indirectly influence employee retention and employee attrition.

Engagement survey

Once employees have been successfully onboarded it is important to keep track of their engagement and retention intention as these are critical leading indicators for retention/attrition.

An engagement survey can be used for this purpose. The data collected with an engagement survey can be used to identify drivers of employee engagement, which can help organizations to develop targeted retention strategies.

Equally it can be used to develop predictive algorithms, e.g. an employee flight risk prediction model which HR can use to have a targeted and meaningful dialogue about attrition prevention.

Exit survey

Despite all the efforts to prevent attrition it is hard/impossible to prevent all employee turnover. Therefore it is important to also run a continuous exit survey.

The survey is designed to gather information about the employee’s reasons for leaving, their perceptions of the organization, and their experience while working at the organization, but also information about where or what they are leaving for.

By gaining insights into these issues and trends and addressing them, organizations can improve the overall employee experience and reduce the likelihood of employee turnover.

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