Using data-driven approaches

Using data-driven approaches to act faster and improve decision-making.


What is data-driven work?

Data-driven work means making decisions based on facts. These facts are derived from data. An essential condition for success is not only that these figures are available, for instance, in clear dashboards, but more importantly, that everyone within the organization becomes comfortable using this data and understands how to interpret these figures. Only then can data-driven work continuously improve processes, foster customer-centric practices, and drive innovation.

Benefits of investing in data-driven approaches

Organizations that embrace data-driven work operate more efficiently and collaborate better. The primary advantages of making decisions based on facts include:

  • Faster Actionable Insights: Facts serve as the foundation for understanding what is happening and why. With this information, organizations can respond effectively and anticipate developments, resulting in smoother and more productive processes.
  • Enhanced Collaboration Across the Chain: By making performance explicitly measurable, employees learn from their actions. This enables them to make decisions that are endorsed throughout the chain. By sharing knowledge, better and smarter collaboration is fostered between employees and teams. Everyone bears the responsibility of ensuring the success of the entire chain.
  • Customer-Centric and More Innovative: Employees become more customer-centric as they quickly perceive the impact of their actions. Consequently, customer satisfaction increases. Moreover, innovations can be more closely monitored, enabling timely adjustments and faster determination of whether an innovation is a successful addition to the organization.

Challenges in data-driven work

A shortage of data is typically not the issue. Most organizations already possess ample data, but they do not use it effectively. Even when the technology is well-implemented, common challenges include a lack of insight, uncertainty about how to utilize data for decision-making, or a reluctance to rely on data. All these challenges require a cultural shift and a new way of working. To genuinely succeed in data-driven work, the entire organization needs to embrace this approach. Everyone must make decisions based on facts and understand how and why these decisions are made. This also necessitates an environment that encourages experimentation to determine what works and what doesn't. Highberg can assist in realizing this cultural shift within the organization; our data specialists are skilled in managing change-related issues.

Prerequisites for data-driven work

In data-driven work, facts in the form of data serve as the foundation for decision-making within an organization. To achieve this effectively, both the technical and change management aspects need to be in order. Only organizations that consider the entire data chain—that is, all the steps necessary for successful data-driven work—can truly effect change. The technical aspect of data-driven work encompasses data capture, system usage, and the standards for data quality and processing to derive meaningful insights. The change management aspect involves leading people to believe and understand that data can enhance decision-making within the organization. Subsequently, it is important to collectively address the following questions:

  • How do you extract information (facts) from the data?
  • How do these facts assist in making decisions and taking actions within the organization?
  • What needs to be measured and understood to determine if decisions made based on data are indeed successful?

Maturity of your organization in data-driven work

Data-driven work requires specific frameworks: the right technology, a clear data strategy, and a data team that collaborates effectively with other disciplines within the organization. Once these conditions are met, genuine data-driven work becomes feasible. Highberg can assist you in achieving this and ensuring that the strategy, technology, and employees align well, allowing your organization to successfully engage in data-driven work.

How can Highberg help?

Highberg specializes in continuously improving workplace performance. Data-driven work is an effective way to monitor and adjust these performance metrics. Working successfully with data and facts often necessitates a different approach from employees. Challenges that we can help your organization address include:

  • Implementing Successful Data-Driven Approaches: We primarily aid in the change management aspect to ensure that technically available data is indeed utilized. This eliminates the internal refrain that something has been created but is not being used. We can also provide support in organizing the technical aspects when necessary.
  • Empowering Employees with Data: It is desirable for every employee, regardless of their role, to make decisions based on data. We assist in enhancing data skills within the organization, enabling everyone to perform their tasks based on facts. We can also help create a growth model to foster continuous learning and development with data.

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