The Philips sustainability challenge​

In 2020, Philips announced its ESG commitments for 2025: a comprehensive set of key commitments and ambitious targets across all the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) dimensions. ​Currently, the main challenge for Philips is to involve all employees in the execution of these commitments. This requires employees to become aware of the ESG commitments and ambitions, understand how they can contribute from their own role and context, and requires them to adopt and execute new behaviors. ​

organizational sustainability
involving employees
employee awareness
adopting behaviours

Simon Braaksma - Philips Group Sustainability

"We defined our 2025 ESG targets in 2020, a critical sucessfactor is to make these targets more personal and actionable. The Sustainability game helped us to make the ESG commitments more tangible.​"

Highberg's assignment

“Help us to develop a Gamification concept that helps us to motivate and support our employees to contribute to our ESG commitments.”

Our approach

In co-creation with Philips Group Sustainability, we developed a pilot game consisting of 6 levels and 3 bonus levels in which players are guided through a cycle of: understanding, funneling, applying, executing and checking. ​

​Players started by gaining understanding of the ESG commitments. Funneled those commitments to fit their department. Applied the commitments and what they mean for their department to their day-to-day work by formulating goals for their team. Executing actions to reach those goals and conclusively checking their results. ​

Said game was rolled out at a Benelux department consisting of +/- 100 players over a period of 8 weeks. Each team set its own goals, that fit their context and are in line with the ESG commitments and their departments sustainability vision.


As a result, these teams have made a significant step in becoming more responsible and sustainable within their field and inspire their colleagues, clients and families. On top of that they had fun working together and learned more about the Philips ESG commitments.

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