Shaping green futures

By: David Sieweke & Arent van 't Spijker

In this episode we are talking to Riccardo Picca, an Italian seasoned senior executive with a rich portfolio of experiences in spearheading growth, profitability and sustainability performance.

Riccardo Picca sustainability transformation interview
Sandvik Coromant efficiency and sustainability initiatives
Arent van 't Spijker and Riccardo Picca conversation
Industrial goods and mobility sectors leadership roles
Effective measurements and KPI in sustainability transformation

Holding esteemed positions in multinational corporations, his expertise spans from general management, operations and strategy to business development.

His leadership roles have been pivotal in complex transformational programs, especially in the industrial goods and mobility sectors.

Notably, at Sandvik Coromant, he led transformative initiatives emphasizing efficiency, digitization, and sustainability, highlighted by a Sustainable Operations Program which successfully reduced CO2 emissions and increased waste circularity.

Riccardo's contributions encompass pivotal transformations at globally recognized firms like McKinsey & Co, ITT Inc. and Tenaris.

He is a recognized thought leader in the realm of sustainability and digital operations, as evidenced by his contributions as an Industry Advisory Board Member for the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award and as an Extended Faculty Professor at POLIMI – Graduate School of Management.

In this show, Riccardo is actually interviewed by Arent van ‘t Spijker, who is a Partner at BlinkLane Consulting, and Practice Lead for the Sustainability Domain.

Today, we are covering:

  • Going from simple to complex changes in the sustainability transformation
  • How painting factory roofs white can have a huge impact
  • We discuss Sanvdik’s “Green Factory’ assessment
  • How to use effective measurements and KPI in the sustainability transformation process

Please enjoy this conversation with Arent van ‘t Spijker and Riccardo Picca!