SAFe pioneer: Michael Stump

By: David Sieweke

In this show we will have exciting, inspirational and informative conversations with transformation leaders, subject matter experts and trainers - focusing on the ins and outs of Agile transformations.

In this this first episode we are talking to Michael Stump, COO of Gladwell Academy

Michael Stump on Leadership Buy-In for Agile Transformations
Using SAFe Practices for Business Agility Across Industries
How to Measure the Success of an Organizational Transformation with Michael Stump
Standardized Framework vs Tailored Approach in Agile Transformations
Optimizing Team vs Individual Performance in Agile Settings with COO of Gladwell Academy

Michael is a SAFe Fellow & SPCT, a Lean-Agile Leader and mentor to executives on state-of-the-art SAFe practices and full Business Agility across all industries.

His consulting and management experience enables him to lead, manage, and advise companies through great organizational change. As an advisory board member to technology companies, his specialty is Lean and Agile transitions within highly distributed, multi-cultural enterprises.

As one of the first SPCTs and SAFe Fellows in the world, Michael mentors executives and advises organizations around the globe, while guiding SPCTs and SPCs on their career development. Michael is a SAFe Contributor and has helped Scaled Agile, the provider of SAFe courses, over 6 years to develop their business around the globe.

Michael is also a passionate helicopter pilot. A Zurich, Switzerland native, he regularly travels the globe and currently lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Today, we discuss with him:

  • The importance of leadership buy-in and management support
  • Using a standardized framework versus tailoring the approach
  • How to measure the success of a transformation
  • And the difference between optimizing team performance versus individual team members performance

Please enjoy this conversation with Michael Stump!

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