Processing time debt settlement phase sortened through use of game

The NVVK is the largest industry association for debt assistance and financial services. To enhance debt relief, Highberg conducted an analysis, implementing four interventions. The primary component was a game called the NVVK Expedition, co-created with the NVVK.



Although the NVVK has made significant efforts to improve debt relief by offering knowledge, tools, and a network to expedite the debt relief process and create debt peace, there were two main challenges:

  1. Many members were unaware of the available knowledge and tools provided by the NVVK.
  2. Accelerating the process was hindered because individuals had limited insight into how they could influence it.

The NVVK expressed the ambition to complete 80-90% of all debt settlements within 120 days.

NVVK is happy with the outcome of the game
NVVK is happy with the outcome of the game


In collaboration with Highberg, the NVVK designed a game, the NVVK Expedition, where players engaged in seven missions in teams. The missions aimed to expand knowledge and activate debt controllers to improve the process, resulting in a shortened processing time for debt settlements and earlier debt peace.

In this Expedition, teams embarked on missions, completing tasks that ultimately led to improved collaboration and reduced processing time. Tasks included creating a knowledge quiz, formulating improvement actions, connecting goals, reaching out to supporting parties, and exchanging knowledge by reviewing each other's tasks.

Digital contribution

The NVVK Expedition enabled players to learn new behaviors in a fun, accessible, and playful manner. The digital application allowed teams across the country to simultaneously play the game, ensuring that large groups of people acquired new behaviors simultaneously. The tasks were specific to their own work and immediately applicable in practice, contributing to the sustainability of the learned behavior.

Elselieke van Aken - Consultant of Highberg

"It's exciting to see that players, through playing the game, have been able to take significant steps with small adjustments. We inspired them to look at how things can be even better, identify possibilities, and understand their role in it. It's great to contribute in a small way to the debt issues in the Netherlands in this manner."


Key results of the Expedition:

  1. Discussion of processing time: +28%
  2. Implementation of improvement actions: +24%
  3. Processing time shortened, even during the game: 50% of the teams

During the final event, all players exchanged their experiences through short presentations, and a prize ceremony was held (because: there can only be one winner!). The players' enthusiasm and motivation were impressive! Although the Expedition mainly took place online, plans were made for an offline follow-up and ongoing communication.

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