Positive impact when implementing Lean/Agile portfolio management made clear

Many organizations have ambitious IT plans. Therefore, the desire is to roll out Agile more broadly. Rightly so, because with Agile, realizing ambitious IT plans becomes more achievable. At the same time, the transformation to Agile is a major challenge that can only succeed with sufficient support. And so many organizations struggle with the question: how do I communicate in an approachable, concrete and fun way why does Agile also further professionalize our way of working outside of IT and/or teams?

With this question Highberg went to work with the Education Executive Agency (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs, hereafter: DUO).


They are working on a major transformation to Agile. At the strategic level there was a need for joint insight into the impact of an Agile transformation. Therefore, a game was developed; the Lean/Agile governance game. In several (game) rounds, each time a governance principle is applied in portfolio management. Each round therefore shows the effect; what value this governance principle has. It results in insight into the impact of applying Lean/Agile principles at portfolio level. DUO ended up playing the game several times with various groups of colleagues. Jacob van der Werk, who works as business change manager at DUO, explains why: "The game lets participants experience the dilemmas involved in a more mature Agile organization and how they can be solved. The game has already made dozens of colleagues within DUO realize that planning and distribution of work across teams really need to change. Integral portfolio planning, applying 'pullen' of work and growing from component to multi-deployable teams are change steps DUO will now take."  

The Lean/Agile governance game developed in collaboration with DUO, one of our Agile experts atHighberg can also facilitate it at your organization.  

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