Pon - Initiating digital transformation

Pon is a global player in the field of mobility products, services, and solutions, also offering hundreds of industrial solutions. Within the Pon Equipment & Pon Power (PEPP) division, discussions about the opportunities and possibilities of digitization had been ongoing for some time. However, the implementation of these digital opportunities faced challenges, and the desired results were not forthcoming. This led to the need for support in initiating a group-wide digital transformation to better leverage the opportunities offered by (further) digitization.


Patrick van Alem - CCO at PEPP Netherlands

"We now have a clear and strong foundation that we can build upon for the long term. It truly belongs to us now."


Guide us in clarifying our digital ambition and strategy, determining our current digital maturity, and developing an action plan to kickstart our digital transformation.


From why, what, and how to an action plan:

  1. Various sessions with the board clarified the why, what, and how of the transformation. 
  2. A quick scan, consisting of interviews and a digital maturity scan, provided insight into the current situation of all organizations within the group. 
  3. Based on the above, an action plan for the transformation was formulated, including guidelines for governance and the establishment of a transformation team.


  • The filled OGSM outlines the group's ambition and strategy, providing direction for the transformation.
  • The change story communicates the ambition and necessity for the transformation, enabling board members to align the organization with their vision.
  • The baseline assessment of the digital maturity of all parts of the group reveals the current situation.
  • The action plan provides guidance for the implementation and governance of the transformation.

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