Organizational transformation with CTAC

We guided Ctac in their organizational transformation focusing on the axes of processes, governance, behavior, and leadership, with the goal of achieving higher returns, increased employee satisfaction, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

organisatie transformatie

By addressing improvement themes collaboratively from various disciplines and levels with a core team of Ctac employees and consultants, a fundamental and embraced approach emerged, which, even now, is ingrained in the organization and independently ensures successful improvements and results. Ctac is a Dutch publicly traded IT company specializing in implementing Microsoft and SAP systems.

Wim Geraats - CFO

"Highberg has implemented a sophisticated approach, in the positive sense of the word; it is extremely well thought out. Additionally, when working with Highberg, you need to take action yourself. This way, the change truly comes from within."


Ctac, with the mission 'enabling your ambition,' aimed to advance as an organization but lacked the execution power and change capability to achieve a transformation. Therefore, they posed the question to Highberg: "Guide us in the approach and realization of the change, enabling sustainable improvement in our results."


Together with a core team from Ctac, a thorough analysis was conducted on Processes, Governance, Behavior, and Leadership. Based on the analysis outcomes, various working groups initiated improvement initiatives. One group developed a new organizational structure, others worked on defining a customer service concept, and significant processes were scrutinized and optimized. Additionally, the strategy for the coming years was formulated and translated into the departments. Governance was established through measures such as setting up various metrics and conducting the 'right' conversations.

Manouk Hertogs - Consultant

"By systematically working with multiple dedicated change teams to improve processes, governance, and culture, we quickly saw the first results. It was rewarding to witness the shift in the mindset of Ctac employees towards action-oriented behavior and taking ownership throughout the process," says Highberg Consultant Manouk Hertogs.


  • Systematically motivated and embedded change capacity to perfect the transformation and continue it in the future.
  • Established governance through the translation of strategy, the implementation of metrics for steering information, and conducting performance dialogues. This provides the ability to timely adjust the progress of Ctac's results and enhances employee engagement.
  • Optimized processes by simplifying steps and eliminating unnecessary control points, resulting in faster 'time to market' and happier customers.
  • A changing culture achieved by clarifying behaviors aligned with core values, providing feedback, appropriately assigning ownership, and organizing meetings to foster connections. This leads to higher employee satisfaction and, consequently, higher customer satisfaction and results (service profit chain).
  • An adjusted organizational structure that clarifies lines, encourages collaboration between departments, and prioritizes customer-centricity.

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