Optimal infrastructure for Holland's largest online store

By Pim Schouten

Online sales are growing phenomenally. In the past ten years, sales have more than quadrupled. And still the turnover increases every year with about 8 to 9 percent (source: Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor). For market leader Bol.com, this growth would not be possible without an optimally functioning ICT infrastructure. And optimal in this case means that the ICT just has to work all the time. An online customer is not very loyal and clicks through to another webshop. Especially in the crucial peak season around the holidays. This requires a state-of-the-art infrastructure that anticipates continuous growth.

Optimale infrastructuur voor Nederlands grootste webwinkel

Highberg helped Bol create a stable platform and set up and improve the service management process. As a result, the management of the infrastructure and applications is well aligned with the needs from the business. By working according to Agile and SCRUM, the IT department is now able to realize business and marketing innovations much faster.

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