Menzis – Customer service strategy development

Menzis has the mission to strengthen the vitality of every individual by ensuring high-quality and affordable healthcare. Customer & Operations (C&O) is responsible for all operational insurance processes, customer interactions, and is the largest cluster within Menzis with 600 employees. As the existing strategy was no longer current, the director of C&O, who took office in 2020, aimed to establish a new vision that transcends the cluster.


Marieke Fieten - Director Customer & Operations Menzis

"We work in a true collaboration with co-creation. Highberg provides structure and follow-up, we provide the content. Highberg ensures reflection, which is easy to navigate, resulting in high-quality outcomes."


Assist us in developing a vision for Menzis' customer service that is clear, shared, and broadly embraced both within and beyond C&O. This vision must be sufficiently innovative in the short and long term and align with the organization's capacity for change.


The strategy development approach consists of four steps: analysis, strategy formulation, strategy translation, and strategy execution.

  1. Analysis: Examining the organization in its context, both internally and externally.
  2. Strategy Formulation: Making strategic choices on how the organization responds to its environment.
  3. Strategy Translation: Translating strategic choices into concrete activities with measurable success.
  4. Strategy Execution: Implementing and executing the strategy.


  • An agile Strategic Compass: a one-page overview translating the mission and vision into concrete initiatives.
  • Customer service values jointly formulated and internalized.
  • Measurable objectives for tracking progress.
  • Personal change stories related to the strategy and engagement of employees from various clusters in the strategy.
  • Ownership of various components outlined in the Strategic Compass.

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