Lean working

Lean working is the elimination of unnecessary actions and the continuous improvement of performance.


Unnecessary actions cost time and money and lead to frustrations. It can be better!

Employees in organizations often perform actions that, in the eyes of the internal or external customer, do not directly add value. These unnecessary actions, or waste, lead to frustrations and cost time and money. It can be better!

Lean working helps the employees in your organization to critically examine everything they do during their daily work. Does my work contribute to the higher purpose? Does it add value? Is there room for improvement? Can we skip this step?

What lean working yields

So, Lean working is about eliminating waste and implementing improvement ideas on the shop floor. This results in:

  • Lower costs
  • Higher quality
  • Shorter lead times
  • More innovative employees

Lean working ensures maxium customer value

When thinking about improvement ideas, managers and employees often think of significant changes. In fact, if the estimated return is not high enough, many companies won't even consider it. However, continuous improvement is about quickly realizing many small changes. The goal? To create as much customer value as possible with as few resources as possible. Today! Because there are always ways to make your work smarter, more enjoyable, or easier.

Continuous improvement and respect

Respect is also an essential part of Lean working. Continuous improvement on the shop floor means a lot for employees. They ultimately have to realize the desired improvements. Consensus and a high level of involvement are crucial. And it starts with respect. For each other and for the work.

Is lean working in the DNA of your organisation?

Do you want to embed Lean working in the DNA of your organization? Do you want to build a culture of continuous improvement? Where innovating and innovating is the norm? And where every employee implements new and effective improvement ideas every day? Contact us now to discuss the possibilities for your organization!

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