Leadership Circle Profile: A route to sustainable development of leaders and organizations

By Elise le Nobel

"An organization cannot perform at a higher level than the awareness of its leadership", said Bob Anderson, founder of the Leadership Circle. This statement touched me deeply when I getting certified for the Leadership Circle Profile™, together with my colleagues.


We often see big ambitions in organizations, yet at the same time leaders who are not fully involved in the change(s) and are not always aware of it. And as change agents ourselves in such environments, how aware are we of our own beliefs and fears? To become an LCP coach, we went through the same 360-degree review process that we now offer to our clients. It provides targeted feedback on leadership skills and in-depth insight into our leadership behaviours and underlying beliefs. LCP confronts us with how others perceive our leadership compared to how we see ourselves, and this opens the door to reflection and in-depth conversations.

The experience of this process with colleagues was special and connecting, but what is even more special are the conversations I now have with leaders about their Leadership Circle Profile. I meet leaders who are making a career but secretly dream of having their own restaurant. Or leaders who were praised for their expertise, but had lost the connection with their team, and now show their vulnerability and act as role models. LCP provides leaders with insight into the effectiveness of their influence, the fears and desires that drive their behaviour, and helps them to rediscover their authenticity within their work environment. I am impressed by LCP's power to equip leaders with the tools and skills that lead to the steady, sustainable, and profound change they desire.

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